Flip Flop or slide on sandal?

Hiking, exploring, swimming and walks on the beach. So many activities you want to do and so little room in your bag for shoes! Sound familiar? Your feet go through a lot, especially when travelling the world. But footwear takes up a lot of room in your one and only bag so taking a pair that you can wear for most occasions is essential. For me this is my ADIDAS slide on sandals. Comfortable, blister free and easy to wear. I have found in the past that slide on sandals are a flexible shoe that I can wear almost anywhere, unlike the typical and uncomfortable flip flop.

Flip flop or slide on sandal?
When choosing between the flip flop and the slide on sandal it is always an easy decision for me. Flip flops are hellish! They cause painful and irritatingly ugly blisters, they are flimsy and easily broken, and finally, they are very rarely nice to look at. Whereas slide on sandals are heaven for the feet, are a tough shoe that will last you years and, are of course, in fashion this season. Although, the slide on sandal is often the more expensive shoe out of the two, but you are also getting your money’s worth. Slide on sandals are a much stronger shoe than the flimsy slip-flop and usually last you many years.

But which slide on sandal?
ADIDAS and NIKE are my personal favourite when it comes to women’s slide on sandals as their designs are very simple yet stylish.

The sandy beach, the local markets, exploring the local culture, and drunken nights out, are all places and events that I wear my slide on sandals comfortably and stylishly.

Step into your comfort zone…
So if you’re a flip flop fanatic, why not give your feet a break this summer? Whether it be on holiday or travelling the world, give the comfortable slide on sandals a try instead of your flimsy old flip flops.

Trust me. You will never go back!

ADIDAS slide on sandals £14.99 (available in other colours)-shown below.



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