Bikini options this summer

Our backpacks can only fit so much in them so choosing what, and how much we pack is a big decision.Bikini’s are holiday accessories that can last for years, but if you’re anything like me, you might like to treat yourself to at least one new bikini every year. Here are some in season bikini options for this summer.

Classic white Bikini
If you tan well – unlike me – a white bikini is definitely a must! Showing off your tan is always done best in white. White swimwear, white flip-flops, white summer dress. Though, if you are anything like me, and a good tan only comes with hard work, then don’t worry. I always have a white bikini buried down at the bottom of my backpack, which only comes out when I have started to bronze. My pale skin will not stop me wearing the classic white bikini. However if you’re not travelling for long then maybe your money is better spent on something more colourful.

Another brilliant factor about the classic white bikini is that it never goes out of fashion. It is definitely worth buying one of good quality that you can wear year in, and year out.

Crochet swimwear
This Summer my bikini loving eyes are set on something a little less ‘classic’, and little more crochet. Crochet bikini’s are – in my opinion – amazing! Whether they’re green, blue, red, white, black or beige they are stunning. I have always loved crochet clothing, but I have never worn a crochet bikini. I am going to assume that they may not be quite as comfortable as the usual lycra and nylon bikinis but they are definitely more fashionable. Crochet bikinis are everywhere I look this summer and I just can’t get enough of them. I haven’t bought mine yet…but I can assure you I will be doing, as soon as I have decided what pattern, style and colour I like best. Another factor that I love about crochet swimwear is the variations in styles and patterns. I personally cannot decide which one to buy but if you are picky about your swimwear, and you want to try out crochet, then there is bound to be something for you.


Photograph by Steve Rainwater, on Flickr at

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