An obvious essential to travel…the travel backpack.

One obvious necessity that any traveler needs is a travel backpack. If you haven’t already been travelling then you will most likely be on the lookout for one, and you may have noticed that they’re rather expensive. I already have a backpack myself, but this year I have been on the lookout for cheap travel backpacks for my friends who will be joining me on our trip to Indonesia this summer. I have come across a few places where you can find travel backpacks at cheap prices.

TK MAXX is one of the first places I look when looking for a good quality bargain. If you haven’t heard of TK MAXX, then it is a hug shop where last season’s designer products are sold. They have everything there, such as, home ware, suitcases and other holiday necessities, hand bags, cosmetics, and clothes. My friend recently bought a HIGH SIERRA travel backpack from there of really good quality and lots of space and compartments. To be honest it is a lot better than mine and I am really jealous. This was at the bargain price of £30.

If you have looked online you will see that usually a good quality travel backpack can range from £100 to £250, and those less expensive are at – the still steep price – of £70. You may also see some at much cheaper prices such as £20 or lower – not reduced – but these are most likely way too small and are not suitable for travelling over long periods. You need to make sure you can fit everything you are taking in this backpack, and more. This is because, if you are anything like me, you will want to buy a few items of clothing there, and a few souvenirs as well.

Mountain Warehouse
Whilst browsing the internet for travel backpacks I also noticed that Mountain Warehouse have an excitingly large sale on travel backpacks. Good quality backpacks have been reduced by 50%. For example a Tor 85 Litre Rucksack has been reduced from £99.99, to £49.99. What a bargain.

TK MAXX – HIGH SIERRA £30 (both pictures above)

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4 thoughts on “An obvious essential to travel…the travel backpack.

  1. Hello, thanks for this post.
    For the last 3 years I am travelling with Deuter Act Trail 28 SL – ladies version with adapted back, and I can also recommend it – I guess now there is such a large choice of great outdoor equipment anyway:)


    • Meg says:

      Thanks for your comment. Yes I have had a few people say this is a very recommendable bag. Yes there are too many to choose from x


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