Necessity or desirables…what you don’t need when travelling the world.

When travelling in the past I realized that there were so many things that I had packed that I could have done without. Whether we want to admit it or not there is a clear distinction between necessities and desirable items we just want to take with us. You may have the urge to ignore the fact that these items are not essential when travelling as you feel as though you just can’t live without them. But I am here to tell you…YOU DO NOT NEED THEM!

So here is the list of things you DON’T need when travelling:

  1. Hair stylers and products – Unless your hair goes uncontrollably frizzy in humid conditions then you do not need these. You will rarely see people with their hair tidy and styled, and when you do they will stick out like a sore thumb. Hippy is the constant ‘in look’ when travelling the world.
  2. Nail Varnish – Nail varnish is a huge waste of space when travelling. They may be small bottles but it all adds up and space should be saved wherever it can be helped. If you can’t go without pretty nails for a few months then do not worry. If you’re travelling in Asia or India then you can get your nails done for bargain prices almost everywhere you go.
  3. Too much make up – Another waste of space is too much make up! You only need the basics for a night out, you won’t see many people with a full face caked on. Less is always more when travelling.
  4. Party holiday clothing – Try to remember this is not a holiday in Magaluf, you are travelling the world and your bag should be packed completely differently. Too many shorts, crop tops or slinky vests will do you no good and you will fast come to realize that. In many places around the world showing too much skin is offensive, and sometimes illegal. You will not be allowed to enter religious buildings or areas with too much skin on show. Pack some baggy trousers and long sleeved tops.
  5. Technology – Don’t bring your new iPhone 6s travelling with you, or your iPad or your expensive camera. You will lose them, break them or they will be stolen from you. Take an old phone and an old camera because no matter how careful you think you are, things seem to break so much more easily when you’re having fun.

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