Tips for travelling Asia

There are many scams, tricks and tactics used by the locals when travelling Asia and if you haven’t been travelling here before you are best off knowing these things before you go in order to save money and time.

So here are my tips on how to survive in Asia.

  1. Do your research – Doing your research on wherever you’re going is extremely important. You need to learn about the currency and how much you should be paying on average for everything. You should also do your research on the ways of the countries, and their religions. Find out what kind of behaviour or clothing is acceptable there and what is not. A very important factor you need to research is their laws. Find out what is legal and the penalties for crimes.
  2. Always ask for the meter – When getting a taxi anywhere it is important you ask the  to use the meter. These charges are very low and will save you a lot of money. If they refuse to use a meter then negotiate a good price before getting in or you will be ripped off.
  3. Saying No – You will be hassled and hassled over and over again. Whether it be to sell you something, them asking for a tip, or them telling you to choose their taxi. You need to learn to say no and to say it firmly or they will not leave you alone. If you are nice or easily persuaded they will be swarming around you like flies around …
  4. Take responsible clothing – Packing is important when travelling as if you take the wrong things you’re screwed. If you plan on hiking a mountain you will need suitable footwear and a top that covers you shoulders to avoid getting sun burnt. If you plan on visiting temples then it will be unlikely that you will be allowed in if you’re wearing a hat, or you have too much skin showing. Have your shoulders and knees covered.
  5. Essentials – There are a few essential products that you must bring. Mosquito spray and lots of it. It runs out fast. Bring a high factor sun cream even if you just use it for the first week. The temperature might not look much higher than places in Europe you have visited but it is much breezier and the sun is much stronger. You will burn fast. Un-scented deodorant is also an essential as mosquitos are drawn to nice smells. Keep them away as much as you can with this.

Thank you for reading, please comment and like.

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