What to pack for Travelling

If it is your first time travelling the world then you will probably be stressing about what to pack. When travelling over a long period of time in for example Asia, Africa or India you do not need to be packing the same as you usually would for a holiday of relaxing on the beach for a week. I know this sounds crazy but you need to pack less. How can I pack less for two months than I would for one week. Easy! You just don’t need much, and you definitely don’t need to be carrying much.

So here is my list of things to pack for every travel occasion:

  1. The Beach– You don’t need much for the beach, just a few bikinis a pair of suitable shoes and some beach shorts. Sun cream is obviously something you need for the beach but if you would prefer to you could always buy that when you arrive.
  2. Day time stroll and markets – Again not much is needed, other than either a pair of baggy trousers to keep you cool or some shorts. Obviously you will also need a top with these to respect the locals and their beliefs on nudity. Beach footwear could also be worn for exploring the local area as trainers may be too sweaty.
  3. Fitness, mountain climbing and outdoor activities – A pair of trainers will do for any outdoor activity. Packing light is important so these need to be your only pair of bulky, bag filling shoes. The baggy trousers or shorts would also suit occasions such as these and a top that covers your shoulders too to avoid sunburn.
  4. Nights out – Your attire should be casual as you will rarely see people dressed up! Take a casual summer dress that you can wear both in the day and on a night out. Your day time shorts and t-shirts should also be suitable for nights out. As for footwear, sandals or trainers will do.
  5. Temples and places of worship – A pair of lose trousers and a t-shirt that covers your shoulders. No hats allowed! Respecting their beliefs and religions is not only important but is also compulsory. You will rarely be allowed in with too much skin on show or if you’re wearing a hat.
  6. Toiletries – You don’t need much make-up. I take my bare minerals travel kit and some mascara which I buy for £25. But a light foundation or BB cream, bronzer or blusher and a mascara should do just fine. A bottle of shampoo and conditioner mixed is useful as it save space. Razors obviously! Sun cream you can either bring or buy there. Either way you will end up carrying it around with you everywhere you go so it wont make much difference. Finally, and very importantly you will need some Bug spray. Expensive but is a must.IMG_5519
    Good luck packing!

Hopefully this list helps any future travellers Save time and space when packing for their travels. Please comment with any questions advice or corrections 😀

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