Indonesian basics

After traveling through Indonesia I learnt a lot. But here is some research I did before visiting that is essential to know beforehand. After traveling there I believe this information to still be true.

  1. Currency: Rupiah
    £1= 19276.98 Indonesian Rupiah.
  2. Safest and highly recommended taxi service: Bluebird Taxi.
    Always make sure they use the meter to avoid being ripped off.
  3. Hostel prices vary from £3 to £8 depending on location.
  4. Fast boat prices are around £15 depending on the season
    cheapest way to travel Bali to Lombok/Gili’s is public ferry from Padang Bai.
  5. There are lots of pick pockets, in tourist areas especially, so take a money belt to go under your clothes. Don’t advertise your money or belongings.
  6. Indonesia’s wet season: October to April
    Indonesia’s dry season: May to September
  7. Looking for accommodation on arrival is cheaper than booking ahead.
  8. You will be harassed by locals trying to sell stuff or trying to rip you off…learn the word no in Indonesian and say it! If they see that your trying to be nice and polite they will be swarming around you within seconds.
  9. If you are planning to visit monkey forest the monkeys there have rabies so its best to pay for that injection before you go.

Always be sure to do some research on where you’re traveling beforehand. I find other peoples blogs to be helpful as you know it is from real honest experience.

Comments below are wanted and welcome.




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