Kuta, Bali 

I am currently travelling around Indonesia and the first place I visited-as it was only a ten minute drive from the airport- was Kuta in Bali. I only stayed here two nights, of which I didn’t go out as I had really bad jet lag. As you probably know Kuta has a bad reputation in comparison to the rest of Bali so I am here to give my opinion.

The night life here I have heard is amazing and according to other travellers the best time to go out in Kuta is a Sunday. This is because it is the locals day of work. However every night is said to be fun, lively and busy. We stayed in a hostel here called “bed bunkers 2” which I can strongly suggest you steer clear of! It’s disgusting and dirty and I didn’t sleep a wink here.

Daytime in Kuta really expresses Asian culture which is why I think it’s important to visit here. It’s busy and hectic and full of people trying to sell you just about everything. There are hundreds of markets down almost every street you turn down so you can bargain your souvenirs and personal presents quite low here.

The beach in Kuta is no different to the streets. It is also quite hectic when it comes to people trying to sell you what they call “ice cold piss”?! It’s worth a walk down the beach during the day to see the humongous waves and the surfers in action. Or if unlike me you can actually surf then the surf here is supposed to be amazing and I can see why. These waves are huge! However if you’re looking for a swim it is best to go to the beach a free 3pm when the tide is out and the waves are calm. If you go to the far left of the beach you can get away from the craziness and relax.

I’d suggest people only spend a few days here if they’re looking for either a relaxing holiday or a beautiful and cultural one. If you’re looking for night life then this is the place for you. Either way I think that Kuta is worth a visit but two nights was more than enough for us to do everything we wanted to do there.

What are your opinions on Kuta, Bali?

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