Uluwatu, Bali’s paradise 

We headed down to uluwatu not knowing really what to expect. We heard it was a nice place with cove beaches but had a different atmosphere from other places in Bali. I had heard it was a surfers paradise and that it was. I cannot surf myself but the place was full of surf fanatics. We were told that a hostel called “the dong” was a great place to stay and really cheap! It was difficult to find but worth the search as it was definitely my favourite hostels so far! It was in a great location close by to everywhere we needed to be, it had a really lovely calm pool area and our room was clean and private and we had our own bathroom. It was 150,000 rupiah for one room per night for three of us which is the cheapest hostel we have found yet at less than three pounds a night. Surprisingly to us the hostel was extremely sociable and full of nice people. The popular restraunt across the road was also really cheap and really tasty. In uluwatu peds are an essential to get around as there are no other ways of transport around the area. This was scary to us as we had never actually ridden one before but we rented them at the hostel for 50,000 rupiah for 24 hours which is about £2.50.

Whilst in uluwatu we visted uluwatu temple which was full of monkeys and had amazing views. We waited till the sunset as people had suggested and it was so worth it! We also visted uluwatu beach which was down through a cave. The waves were huge but the place was beautiful and the surfers loved it! This place was amazing and is a must see! We watched the surfers swim out of the cave into the sea through the huge waves smashing against the rocks! Scary. At night we visted singlefin which people travel from all over Bali to visit. Sunday’s and Wednesday’s are its most popular nights out, people travel from all over Bali and  get busses from hours away just to experience the legendary singlefin.

For me uluwatu was the paradise I hoped to see from Bali and is definitely my favourite place so far!

Whether you surf or not uluwatu is 100% worth a visit if you’re coming to Bali.

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