Balian – Bali’s best kept secret

Whilst in Ubud a girl suggested we visit a place called Balian, somewhere we had never heard of. She said it was beautiful so we decided to give it a visit! I am so glad we did. If what you expect from Bali is green jungles, with rivers running through them, rice paddies and stunning beaches then Balian is the place to visit.

After all the hectic noise and bussiness we have experience throughout Bali it was great to have some calm and tranquility. Upon arrival at our “Bintang Homestay” we were amazed how how small Balian is. It’s a tiny village and every bit of action that goes on there is down “main beach  road” – just a small path down towards the beach. It has cute cafes and surf shops all the way down and stunning views on the walk. Everywhere is close to the beach so you don’t have to worry about distance when it comes to your hotel or homestay.img_2139-2

The beach is black sand and the waves are too big to swim in but there is no harm in been washed around in the shallow end. The sunset here is beautiful to watch from either a cafe by the beach or the beach it’s self. If you walk to the left side of the beach you will come across a beautiful river that heads into the jungle. Here you can swim in the calm, cold water which is nice as it’s the first place we have come across that we can actually swim!

Before visiting here nobody seemed to have heard of it. Not the locals or taxi drivers or tourists! It seems to be one of Bali’s best kept secrets and somewhere you need to visit! It’s relaxing and calm and beautiful.

Has anybody else come across any beautiful places that nobody knows of whilst travelling?


2 thoughts on “Balian – Bali’s best kept secret

  1. I really enjoyed Seraya (Karangasem). Most people only see the Ujung water palace, which admittedly is breathtaking, but there’s more to this village if you look a bit further. There’s a black rock beach with a few caves hidden along the coastline. No easy feat getting around on those rocks, but a memorable experience if you succeed. Our B&B (not an awful lot of those around in Seraya) employed a local couple to do a Balinese cooking class. The husband took us to the fishing harbour and local market (no other Westerners in sight) and then to his home, where his wife taught the actual cooking class. As a sucker for Indonesian cuisine, this was definitely one of my personal highlights. We stayed in Seraya for a few days and I don’t remember seeing anyone apart from locals and our B&B owners and a few other guests.

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    • This was also one of my favourite places to visit it was so quiet and beautiful in comparison with some of the other places I visited in Bali.


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