The reality of Ubud, Bali.

Before coming to Bali I had heard so much about how Ubud is the cultural centre of Bali, and all it has to offer such as trekking, art, animal experiences, and stunning views.

This is all true but what I didn’t realise is how Ubud like may other tourist destinations in Bali is busy, loud and and full of people trying to sell you just about everything.

I expected Ubud’s main town to be very different to Kuta and Semitak in that it would be more peaceful and less commercialised. I was wrong about this and if you’re expecting what I was then don’t be surprised when is not all you hoped it would be.

Don’t get me wrong I loved Ubud as it offered many memorable experiences and I am glad I went. I visted the elephant temple which was beautiful and leads into a big jungle and I would definitely suggest visiting here. I also trekked through the rice paddies which was also very beautiful and a great experience as well as visiting Ubud’s waterfalls. The waterfalls were lots of fun for summing but not the place to sunbath or relax. And obviously we visited the monkey forest which is everything I expected it would be. Exciting and terrifying! All of these places were amazing and I loved experiencing them all. I also climbed Mt Batur which was definitely worth the money and at the top we watched the sun rise and quivered in the corner from all the monkeys.

The only part of Ubud that let me down was the town itself as there was little to do there and it was way too loud and busy.

But if you want to experience all of these fun and memorable activities then you should definitely visit Ubud. Ubud itself is beautiful, it’s only the main town that isn’t that great!

Have you visited Ubud? What did you think? Comment any questions below.

4 thoughts on “The reality of Ubud, Bali.

  1. Interesting to hear your thoughts on Ubud! I completely agree your point about the activities in Ubud but know what you mean about it being tourist heavy however even so I still really enjoyed the centre. The food choice I thought was really good, but mostly I enjoyed spending time at the Yoga Barn. For me it provided some real relief from being constantly on the move whilst I was travelling and gave me a little head space. X

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    • I didn’t go to the yoga barn maybe I should have visited there…I really enjoyed all the activities and experiences I had there but after while the busy town just became a bit loud is all. But it is still a beautiful place worth visiting nothing to put me offspring again.


  2. Loved Ubud, despite it being touristy. If you visit the local market early enough in the day, you see the real deal rather than the tourist trap. Mainly fruits, veggies and barely any tourists either. We went on a cycling tour in Ubud as well, which took us off the beaten path a few times. Loved every second (well, almost every second; my wife had a nasty fall towards the end)! As for Ubud itself, I remember we moved away from the centre on one of our walks and came across some stunning places. “Hidden” gardens, beautiful rice paddies and great local food. The further you go from the city centre, the more authentic Ubud gets.


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