Where to visit in Bali

I am currently on my travels through Indonesia and now I have finished Bali I thought I would do a post on where to visit in Bali and what there is to do in each place.

Kuta – Is Bali’s most famous beach  as tourists travel from all over the world to visit the exciting night life here. It is cheap and it’s night life is huge and is worth a visit if this is what you’re looking for. Sky Garden is its most famous club where you can pay 150k (rupiah) for free drinks for three hours in either the early session 6-9 or the later session 9-12. Kuta also has loads of cheap markets where you can buy clothes or souvenirs for bargain prices. Howeve if you’re looking for something more chilled then maybe give one of my next places a try.

Uluwatu-is quiet and peaceful. There isn’t a lot to do here if you’re not a surfer but the cave beaches are amazing and beautiful! There is also Uluwatu temple which is huge and has stunning views and is only 10k (rupiah). There is also night life here if you want it at Single fin one of Bali’s most famous bars!

Balian- is somewhere even people who live on Bali haven’t heard of. But it’s beautiful and the perfect place to go if you’re looking for some Bali parodies and relaxation. It’s also beautiful and in the middle of nowhere right by a jungle. Here there are night markets, stunning beaches with great surf and a beautiful river through the jungle you can swim in.

Nusa Lembongan- is also a great place to go to relax. It’s a small island just off of Bali and has loads to do there. There isn’t much night life but it’s go loads of beautiful beaches and views you can explore as well as cliff jumping and great snorkelling.

Ubud- is a nice mixture of other. If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday you can find that here. There is some night life and loads of activities and places to explore during the days.

Seminyak- is said to be a more stylish, fashionable version of Kuta and a little more chilled. It’s also a lot more expensive. This may be a good alternative to Kuta if you want somewhere a little less magaluf and little more Ibiza.

Sanur- is nice and chilled place to visit and one of Bali’s original tourist destinations. It’s hot and the beaches are very seaweedy so if you visit here I suggest you get a pool. We only stayed here one night as we didn’t really like it and there wasn’t much night life.

That’s it for places I visited in Bali so hopefully you have got an idea of where is and where is not for you.

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