Gili Nanggu, Lombok

After being in Senggigi a few days we looked at a map of Lombok and googled a few small islands on the map to see which ones were worth visiting. We came across gili Nanggu and found a blog which told us it is a tiny private paradise island with crystal clear blue sea’s perfect for some relaxation time.

It also told us there was only one hotel and one restaurant on the island too. We decided we wanted some time to relax and tan and Gili Nanggu was the perfect place to do it. The standard bungalow there was 500,000 rupiah a night which is about £25. More expensive than our usual budget than £5! But it was worth the money for the three nights we stayed there. There wasn’t much to do other than sunbath, relax and look at the baby turtles at the hatchery but we definitely had fun there. We sunbathed in the day and snorkelled and read our books on the hammocks at night. It was extremely peaceful and extremely beautiful! If you’re looking for some time to chill and relax and you’re starting to feel like you need a holiday from your travelling then here is the perfect place to do it!

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