Kuta, Lombok (the better Kuta)

Everyone has heard of Kuta, Bali’s nuotorius party town. But little do they know there is another Kuta on the next island (Lombok) which is easily better!

Yes. Kuta, Bali is the place to go if all you’re interested in is partying at night and sunbathing in the day. Other than that it’s loud, it’s hectic, and there is very little culture or activities you can do there.

If you want a little more than just a party town but still want to party then Kuta, Lombok is perfect. It’s a cool town with amazing surf spots for beginners and experienced. It’s the perfect town to jump on a Ped and bike to one of its many beautiful beaches for both surfers or for a bit of quiet paradise. Kuta beach, Tanjung Aan, Mawun and Selong Belanak are its main beaches. All have a different atmosphere but are all equally stunning. However Mawun beach unfortunately had lots of rubbish in the sea which stopped us from swimming in it.

Kuta, Lombok is the cheapest place I have found in all of Bali and Lombok for everything including food, accommodation and activities. It has traditional villages surrounding it, waterfalls, beaches, and many different places to eat. It also has a great night life with many different bars and a few clubs. Surfer Bar and Rasta Warung were my favourite places to pre drink and then head over to shipwreck bar where u can dance the night away to live music or chill and drink with your friends.

Before coming here I read a few blogs and spoke to a few people and many of them talked about how they planned a few days here but ended up staying for weeks. This also happened to us. After staying for over a week we decided to leave before coming back here just a few days later. Kuta, Lombok has such a chilled, laid back atmosphere that many travellers look for and it’s definitely a place worth your time!

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