The Gili Islands

The famous gili islands of Indonesia. On my travels around Indonesia I visited all three and experienced them all. I spend about two weeks on gili Trawangan all together both during and after Ramadan and on all kinds of accomodation. I will be doing a seperate post shortly based solely on Gili Trawangan. Anyway…Gili Trawangan is notorious for its night life and partying as you probably already know. The night life is extremely cheap and a great but sweaty night out. Jungle is the place to go for pre drinks almost every night where you can get single mixers for about 75p on happy hour and just over one pound after happy hour. The owner of jungle also owns an amazing brand new hostel as of 2016 called “my mates place”. This hostel is sociable and easy to make friends with both its layout and the pre drinking games everyone gets involved in on a night. It also has cosy, clean rooms. The most luxurious hostel I’ve ever stayed in and I didn’t want to leave. This was at 160,000 rupiah a night which is about £8. But defitley worth the money!

If you’re wanting more private accompdation then “surf bar” homestay is great at 400,000 a night for one room which is about £20. It’s a nice place with nice breakfast and hammocks.

Gili T in my opinion has a much better beach for both relaxing and snorkelling than Gili Air. I would also say that it isn’t just a party island. At the sunset side of the island is many more luxury or romantic accomodations for both families and couples and the more relaxed young adults.

Gili Meno is said to be the honey moon island. Although I would not want to spend my honey moon here. The beach is much nicer for sunbathing and the sea is nice for swimming and snorkelling but that is the extent of what there is to do on this island. There are very few places to eat, no shops and not much to do. If you’re happy to spend your honey moon on the beach and that’s it then it should be great for you.

Gili Air is called the hippy island and I understand why. It is very laid back and relaxed but still had many bars and restraunts and a few shops. The island is more beautiful than Gili T and has quite a different atmosphere. It is definitely worth visiting for some time to relax and have drinks on the beach with your friends whilst watching the sunset.

If you’re staying in hostels then “Begadang” hostel is the only place to stay! It has the famous mushroom pool and is also set up to be sociable. Everything is made out of bamboo and the beds are a mattress with a mosquito net on a raised platform with a roof. It’s a really cool place to stay and the owner is constantly trying to improve it and cares a lot about what his guests want!

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