Climbing Mount Batur, Bali

A lot of factors come into whether or not you should climb a volcano whilst travelling Indonesia including fitness and money. Will it be worth your time, effort and money?…Yes.Is the simple answer to the question of whether or not it is worth it. But here is a short explanation of my experience. The first part of the climb surprisingly is the hardest. The slow and gradual walk at the beginning is easily the most tiring part. It can be breath taking but it doesn’t last too long…so don’t give up. However, the last bit, which is the more rocky but, takes about 40 minutes and it’s basically rock climbing but is not too difficult as you’re stopping constantly for the traffic jam of people infront of you. It is slippy and you should make sure you have a torch that works so that you can see exactly where you’re stepping.

There are two stopping points on the volcano where you can watch the sunrise. The first place is a beautiful spot to watch the sunrise and a great place to see the wild life as loads of monkeys come over and pinch your food. We stopped here and didn’t go to the very summit as it was another 20 minute climb and we were more than satisfied with this stunning view. We had a walk around the back of the hut where we watched the steam rise from the volcano.

Climbing mount batur was 300,000 rupiah which is around £15 and so worth the money. Anybody can do it really I saw every type of person climbing it you just have to keep on going. It can get sweaty on the way up but the top is freezing so take something warm to wrap up in. Also when they say they will provide breakfast they mean a fig roll so maybe bring a snack. We wish we did. Climbing mount batur is a great experience and it’s not too physically difficult. Do it!

This is the view from the first stopping point after the sun rise.

During the sunrise.

2 thoughts on “Climbing Mount Batur, Bali

    • We found ours at our hostel they come with the deal usually which they sell everywhere at hotels,hostels and tourist info. If not you can find them there but they tend to be more expensive.


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