Gili Trawangan, the ultimate guide. 

Gili trawangan or Gili T as its better known as due to its tongue twister of a name is one of the most famous party islands in the world. A spot which thousands of Australians visit every year. Although it’s neighbouring island Bali is the most noutorious party spot for Australians it doesn’t have as much to offer as gili T.

Kuta, Bali (the Australians Magaluf) is great for partying but for what else…well not much. It’s jam packed of people trying to party and locals trying to sell u stuff and there is a also a shopping centre. The beach is good for surfing but not particularly relaxing for sunbathers. You will be hassled all day.

Gili T on the other hand has calm clear oceans with beautiful beaches the whole way round. It’s the perfect place to snorkel where u will see a variety of different and colourful fish and if you’re lucky maybe a sea turtle. There is no transport on Gili T other than horse and cart which many people avoid because of the cruel treatment of horses, as well as bicycles. Many people take a bike trip around the whole island to visit all the best beaches and snorkel spots. Gili T also has a famous night market where food and drink is cheap and a great place to relax. But watch out for all the cats they will try and steal your food. There is also a turtle hatchery on gili T that you can visit and have the opportunity to make a small donation to help out.

Finally Gili T is most famous for its amazing night life. A different club is busy every night but everybody starts out at Jungle which has cheap and apparently safe drinks. Here you can get all your pre-drinks in and have a dance on the tables before heading down the street to dance the night away.

Hostels at Gili T we found, were quite hard to find. There is only one on the front called beach bums. We looked around many of these hostels and the three nicest ones were the following:

1. My mates place- a new hostel where everything is clean and bed bug free. A clean air conditioned room with lockers and showers nicer than I have at home. It is really sociable, drinking games are played all till ten then everyone goes out.

2. Gili castle – is probably the most famous hostel on Gili T with it’s cool swimming pool, bar and famous big breakfast. It is also very sociable.

3. M Gili is also a brand new hostel to gili T and also has a pool. This hostel is very nice and very clean and apparently also very sociable.

I would suggest any of the three above but also to book ahead as they’re usually booked up.

For any questions on Gili T please comment below and I will be happy to answer them.

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