A new cultural location for you to Holiday in Spain.

Alicante? Benidorm? How about neither? How about somewhere in the middle? Playa Muchavista is on the Alicante to Benidorm coast line. A Spanish holiday resort for Spanish people. But it doesn’t have to be just for Spanish people. Only a 10 minute tram ride away from El Campello. A 15 minute tram ride away from Alicante, and a 40 minute tram ride away from Benidorm. Why choose one location when you can have them all?You may not be smack bang in the middle of all the hustle and bustle but I find that after a day or night out its nice to get back to the peace and quiet. Although there is some action in Playa Muchavista. It has many bars, restaurants and cafe’s. The most popular of which is ‘Oceania’. Whether is a cocktail in the sun, tapas, an evening meal out or a night out drinking…Oceania does it all. Popeye’s restaurant and Coco Beach are two great places for lunch. Popeye’s is famous for its fresh salty seafood, but their food sells out fast so don’t go late. Coco Beach also has fresh seafood as well as burgers, ham and cheese boards and plenty of tapas to choose from. If you’re sick of going on  holiday and hearing all the English accents which make you feel like you’re still at home then head to Playa Muchavista, where you can experience real Spanish culture but jump on a quick tram to visit all your favourite touristy places.

IMG_1242If you’re wondering where you can stay at Playa Muchavista then there are no hotels. But there are many beautiful Villa’s and apartments you can rent, many of which have pools and are very close to the beach. I stay at Apartment Altamar which can be found on owners direct. It is as close to the beach as you can get, with its own private plunge pool on the roof, a community pool, tennis courts, children’s play area, and a mini golf coarse. It is around £500 a week depending on what time of year you visit. This apartment also includes four bedrooms, each room fits two people, has a living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, balcony and roof top terrace.


Above is the poolside view of the tramline, the promenade and the beach. Hopefully this gives you a good idea of the great location of this apartment.

For any questions please comment below.

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