Paris; The city of love

img_2573Paris; the famous city of love is on most peoples bucket list. It is a big beautiful city with lots to do. Which might lead you to thinking ‘Where shall I start?’ Well here is some helpful information I put together during my short trip.

I went from Friday to Sunday as a present for my 21st birthday. We flew to Charles de Gaulle airport. One of the three airports in Paris. We got the metro from here to our apartment.

Follow signs to the metro through the airport and you will see a big ticket office. Tourists must buy their tickets here and they will cost 2o euro’s to get from here into any stop in Paris city centre. An essential app to download is the ‘visit Paris by metro app’ which will help you find out which trains you need to get to go to specific attractions and places. ‘Google Maps’ is also a great app to download when travelling anywhere as you do not need 3G to use it in large cities. This should help you avoid getting lost and I found it essential in Paris, which really is a huge city.

We stayed in an apartment on Avenue de Suffren, on the same street as the Eiffel Tower, and an affordable price. We walked to all the attractions we wanted to visit, to experience and admire as much of Paris as we could in the short time we were there. However knowing how much pain my legs were in at the end of the day, next time I would probably take some trains.

The Eiffel Towers is amazing to see in daylight but nothing in comparison to its beauty in the dark. If there is one thing I would tell you to do its get up close an personal with the Eiffel Tower at night. You can get great pictures of the Eiffel Tower from ‘Jardins du Trocadéro’ which is just across the bridge next to the Eiffel Tower. Explore its beautiful gardens and then join the other tourists in taking amazing pictures of Paris’ most famous piece of architecture.

Arc de Triomphe is also walking distance from here and a place you must visit. It joins onto Paris’s most famous street for shopping, ‘Avenue des Champs Elapsees. Here you will find all the glitz and glamour you expect to find in Paris with all of your favourite shops. Notre dam Cathedral was a slight let down for me. It was a beautiful building yes. But if I went to Paris again I do not think I would bother going. Don’t expect to have a walk around inside, you just take a few snaps from the other side of the bridge of a Cathedral and that’s it. However I thought the surrounding area was beautiful and full of quirky and charming shops and cafe’s.

It can be difficult to pick one place to eat in Paris but we would eat at this place over and over again. It was 44 euros for a bilini, bottle of wine, endless bottles of water, a basket of crispy bread with an olive spread, multiple baskets of bread a butter, a starter, a main and a desert. And the food was to die for! It is called ‘Le Grand Bistro’.

I hope some of this information has been useful to you. Please comment any questions below on information you might want to know about travelling through Paris.

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