Uluwatu, Bali; Why it is so great

Uluwatu, Bali is known for its big waves, strong currents and beautiful caved beaches. It is as they say a ‘surfers paradise’. Beginner or expert you can surf in Uluwatu. Uluwatu beach is a beautiful caved beach with tree’s and plants growing over the cliff edges above you. However surfing here is for those who know what they’re doing and have plenty of experience. The waves are huge and the currents are strong but not least of all to get out to sea you risk being thrown into rocks by big waves. I only paddled here but I watched as people carefully manoeuvred their way past the rocks. Although I only paddled this beach was on of my favourites in Bali because it was beautiful. I spent some time laying on a rock watching the surfers emerge in and out of the dangerous waves.


On the route down there are many shops with locally made clothes you can buy at cheap prices, along with cafe’s, restaurants and a club – Single fin. People get busses from their hostels to Uluwatu late at night, and return early hours on the same bus just visit the legendary Single fin.

Padang Padang beach however is perfect for beginner surfers and is only 3km from Uluwatu temple. There are teachers on the beach who will teach you for usually around 300,000 rupiah, the equivalent of £15. However if you have good bargaining skills you can probably reduce that somewhat. The more of you learning to surf the cheaper it usually is. Padang Padang is a pretty beach but somewhat ruined by litter in the sea, like many of the beautiful beaches in Bali.

If you enjoy going on motor scooters when travelling but are afraid of doing it amongst the hustle and bustle – like me – then Uluwatu is the perfect place to do this. Ride to Uluwatu’s temple and its many beaches on its quiet scenic roads. Uluwatu is the first place I rode a motor scooter and I was absolutely useless at it at first. It is likely these scooters won’t be insured so if you crash it you will have to pay. There are also many horror stories of people falling off scooters and you will most likely see people with injuries from them. However if you’re going to risk it like me, be very careful of the exhaust. One injury you see a lot, is large burns on peoples legs that can scar. So be careful you don’t touch the exhaust and watch your leg!

Uluwatu was my favourite place in Bali and I would love to go again. It is a quiet, beautiful town of which has not yet been ruined by us travellers.

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