Venice, Italy; Getting lost in Venice

Venice, Italy, another city famous for its romantic atmosphere as well as it’s over the top prices. It may be somewhere you have always wanted to go but can’t afford, or somewhere you have been before and were unable to make the most of it because you weren’t aware of how expensive it actually is and how much money you would actually need. That was me. Aware it would be an expensive European city to visit but not that expensive! But I managed to make the most of Venice and actually found that the fact I was on a budget made my trip even better in some cases. Here’s how… Continue reading

Bansko, Bulgaria; A cheaper destination for a skiing/snowboarding holiday

Skiing and snowboarding trips are exciting holidays that many of us love. Whether it is because of its sporty nature, nature its self, the beautiful scenery, the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that drinking all day and all night is a normal thing to do when skiing! It could be all of the above. But those who enjoy a skiing or snowboarding know that these holidays can be particularly expensive. Bansko in Bulgaria however is a little bit different… Continue reading

Europe Travel: Dublin, Ireland on a budget

During the run up to my travels to Dublin, Ireland, I heard lots from people about how Dublin is expensive and there isn’t that much to see but how they still loved it and would go again. I couldn’t understand wanting to revisit somewhere really expensive with not much to do but after visiting my self I can fully understand the Charm of Dublin. Continue reading

Paris; The city of love

img_2573Paris; the famous city of love is on most peoples bucket list. It is a big beautiful city with lots to do. Which might lead you to thinking ‘Where shall I start?’ Well here is some helpful information I put together during my short trip. Continue reading

A new cultural location for you to Holiday in Spain.

Alicante? Benidorm? How about neither? How about somewhere in the middle? Playa Muchavista is on the Alicante to Benidorm coast line. A Spanish holiday resort for Spanish people. But it doesn’t have to be just for Spanish people. Only a 10 minute tram ride away from El Campello. A 15 minute tram ride away from Alicante, and a 40 minute tram ride away from Benidorm. Why choose one location when you can have them all? Continue reading