Welcome to Megan’s Travel home page.

My Name is Megan Dobson-Wright and I am a massive enthusiast for travelling the world.

Take a look at my blog if you’re interested in where travel, what to do and how to travel safely.

I am always planning my next trip, which means I am always planning on what essentials I need to buy for my upcoming adventures. Every trip is different and you will most likely need different injections and essentials with each trip. As well as different processes when it comes to applying for visa’s etc.

My blog is all about my experiences travelling in different places around the world, what I have learnt and any advice I can give you will be right here. You can also find posts on packing advice which is one of the most important parts of travelling, in order to both be organised and safe.

I have visited parts of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and countries around Europe.

I recently travelled through many places in India and am currently in the process of writing about my experiences, so please take a look.

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Thank you,

Megan. x